Greetings in the Name of Our Risen Lord!

It is summer break here as our school year goes from June to the first week of April. Many of the children received awards at the end of the year ceremony at our local elementary school.

Limson and Arlene graduated with honors in their class and now move on the high school. Limson received second honors and gave the welcome address at the graduation ceremony. Arlene was ranked number 10 in their class of 80+ students. Below is a listing of all of the awards given to the HOH kids attending the Dawis Elementary School.

Limson Median – Second Honors, Leadership award, 4th place Regional Sci – Dama Competition, 2nd Place in the District Level Drawing Competition; Best in Art. MLuillier Award

Arlene Resurreccion – Tenth Honors; Most Responsible (pictured with Ate Ana)

Edilina Yalon – Most Behaved, Most Courteous, Top 7 in her class Ivan Ybanez – ALS passer (advanced to High School); Leadership Award, Most Kind, Most Loyal, Top 8 in his class

Rufina Balaba – Most Courageous Abdulsaid Median – Most Diligent

Honeylyn Anayron – Most Neat and Clean

Donnalyn Balaba – Best in Attendance (pictured with Ate Pellen)

Melody Ybanez – Most Helpful

Kevin Ybanez – Best in Drawing, Most Loyal; Top 7 in his class

At the High School level the following rankings were given:

Tiraima Median – Top 7 in her class

Jessa Yalon – Top 10 in her class

Aicel Yalon – ALS passer, able to move on to college

We are proud of the accomplishments of all the HOH kids but are especially thankful for those who worked hard this year to achieve these recognitions. Praise God!

VBS Program

The kids also had the opportunity last week to attend and help with a VBS at Good News Baptist Church. Many of the older kids helped with the VBS programs and the younger ones were able to attend the VBS as participants. Here is a summary of the involvement and awards for the HOH children.

Theme: “The Incredible Race”

Good News Baptist Church Older Children’s Responsibilities (as part of the VBS staff):

Arlene Resurreccion – Fun & Games Assistant

Ivan Ybanez – Fun & Games Assistant

Jessa Yalon – Pre-School Assistant

Tiraima Median – Music & Dance Assistant


Awards Received by Younger Children (as VBS learners):

Edilina Yalon – Best in Memory Verse Jhon Rey Anayron – Best in Memory Verse

Abdulsaid Median – Best in Memory Verse

Kevin Ybanez – Best in Memory Verse

Hasmin Median – Best in Memory Verse

Honeylyn Anayron – Second Honors

Donnalyn Balaba – Third Honors

Melody Ybanez – Best in Memory Verse

Release of Abdulsaid Median

Abdulsaid Median, together with his 3 siblings were admitted into the orphanage 5 years ago when he was only 7 years old. His mother died leaving behind 9 children. His father, as a small-scale fish vendor, could not afford to raise his kids and send them to school with his meager income. Thus, four of his younger children were surrendered into the orphanage for temporary care. (Abdul is pictured below with other kids)

Now that Abdulsaid’s father has started to get established by remarrying again, and Abdulsaid is growing up longing to be reunited with his father, we decided therefore to release him back to his father so he could meet his emotional needs. His other siblings will remain with the orphanage until his father is able to take them back.

ALS Graduation (Alternative Learning System – Accreditation & Equivalency Program)

A ceremony was held at the Municipal Gym of Hagonoy, Davao del Sur on April 16, 2011 at 1:30 P.M. for graduates of the ALS program. This was a big day for Aicel and Ivan. They marched with more than 80 ALS A&E graduates to receive their diplomas. The event was attended by the town mayor and several municipal officials, barangay captains, DepEd regional, provincial, and local officials, as well as the proud parents and relative of the graduates.

Many cried tears of joy when the graduates received their diplomas.

The theme was: “The Graduate: A Partner Towards Transformational Society & An Answer to Societal Change.” Aicel led the graduating class in reciting their Pledge of Commitment.

Aicel will now move on to college in Digos and Ivan will be going on the High School. Thanks so much for your prayers and support for all the kids and staff at HOH. We really appreciate you and thank God for your participation in His Kingdom building here in Digos.

Please check out our website at and our Facebook Page, under Haven of Hope Orphanage Philippines for more pictures and updates.

In Christ,

Jo Pabalate, Executive Director, HOH