We hope you have enjoyed reading the testimonies of several of the children this week. Each of the testimonies reflects one of the family units at HOH. Today we are sending you the story of another group of siblings. There are two siblings in this family at HOH, both are quite young. We have helped more on this testimony, getting information orally from them and also from their social worker. Their story is one of the harder ones for us, as there used to be three here at HOH, but one of the siblings was taken back by the mother about 8 months ago.

We do rejoice in the opportunity to minister to the children at HOH and share the good news with them through acts of kindness and spiritual training. The lives of all of our children are complicated and so is the work we do with them. We deal each day with not only physical and spiritual needs but quite often serious emotional needs of the children.

God is their true father and has has been watching over them. We look forward to what He has in store for each of them in the future and always seek Him in how we interact with the children. (pictured is baptism day: Sept. 11, 2011, when five of the kids from HOH were baptized. Now nine, all in all have been baptized)

We appreciate your prayers and financial support. You can see more pictures, stories, birthdays and other information on our website, www.hohkids.com and also now on Facebook at the Haven of Hope Orphanage Philippines page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Haven-of-Hope-Orphanage-Philippines/107141379361776

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God Bless each of you!

Jo Pabalate, Executive Director

Haven of Hope Orphanage

Testimony #4

My name is ______________ I am five year old. My parents separated when I was a baby. My father brought me and my two siblings to the island of Cebu when they seperated. My father’s main work was collecting the nest of birds in caves so that they could be sold in the market. One day, my father fell to his death in a cave.

My mother came to Cebu and brought us to Digos City. She had no place to live so we slept anywhere. We would roam around during the daytime, trying to sell things on the streets. At night, we would sleep in any of the covered areas, exposed to many dangers, often cold, wet and hungry.

Before when I lived with my father, I experienced eating a type of root that’s very itchy, because we had nothing else to eat. I always found myself craving for food. I never knew where my next meal would come from or if there would be a next one.

My mother eventually learned about Haven of Hope and brought us here to live. Three of my siblings are still with my mother. My heart is very thankful to God because at HOH we first experienced love, hope and security. I am not afraid now that I will get hungry again. I don’t eat as fast as I used to and don’t have to stuff myself each time I eat, as I know there is more food for the next meal. The staff gives us clothes and we are taken care of very well, especially when we get sick. We also get toys from friends and supporters and sometimes get to go to a family to stay with them on special occasions. We are also taught about Jesus and the Bible at HOH. We listen to Bible stories and even I can memorize verses. We also get time to play!

Next year, I will be able to go to school. For now, I get tutoring at HOH by the staff. Someday, I want to be a pastor or maybe a doctor. When I grow up, I want to help other kids.

Loved by Jesus,

(name omitted)