Dear Friends,

In 2006, many of the children who were taken into HOH had not been able to attend school. We are excited to share with you that ten of our kids are now in high school! This is a huge accomplishment for them and a recognition that God has his hands closely wrapped around each one. High school in the Philippines begins after graduation from grade six. Due to changes in our educational system, the kids entering high school will continue for six more years, rather than for four years.? Those now entering high school from HOH range in age from 13 to 20, so there are still many challenges before them to continue for another six years. We praise God though that they have made it this far. Here is the lineup:

Tiraima – Grade 9 High School

Limson and Arlene – Grade 8 High School

Ivan, Jhon Rey, Juny, Janna, Edilina, Rufina, Hasmin – Grade 7 High School.

We also have now in elementary school:

Donnalyn – Grade 6

Melody – Grade 5

Kevin and Nemar – Grade 3

and also Nelvin – Preschool

Jessa is not at HOH but is attending high school while living in one of the villages. Aicel is unfortunately not able to continue her college studies at this time, while living in the village with relatives.

Please be in prayer for all the kids as they continue their studies this year. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

Josephine Pabalate, Executive Director of HOH/Administrator of Brilliant Star Preschool.