Greetings to all our faithful supporters!

School is over for this year and we have many praises. Six of the children graduated from Dawis Elementary School: Ivan, Jhon Rey, Rufina, Edilina, Hasmin, and Honeylynn (Janna). We are so proud of them. This was a big day for all of them but an especially important one for our older children, who did not have the opportunity for regular education before they came to HOH. Through God’s grace, Ivan and Rufina persevered. After the graduation, all of the HOH kids and staff were treated to lunch with unlimited rice and later enjoyed ice cream (funds given by a sister in Christ in California). Pictured below is Ma’am Jo helping Rufina prepare for the ceremony.

The same day several of the HOH kids received awards from the Dawis Elementary teachers. We are also very proud of these accomplishments!

With Merit
Most Responsible

Most Honest


Most Trustworthy

Best in Attendance

10th Honors

Most Cooperative

3rd Place in Tie Dying Competition


Most Polite

Best in Art

2nd Place in Painting

Jhon Rey

Athlete of the Year

Shortly after graduation, we received a request from the family of Aicel, Jessa and Edilina to release them from HOH to their father and step-mother, who now said they had the capability of caring for them. After extended meetings with the family and our social worker, it was agreed to release Aicel who is now 20 years old and Jessa who is 17, to them. Edilina will remain for now at HOH. We are praying that the foundation built inside Aicel and Jessa will keep them on the straight and narrow path. This was a difficult decision but reinforces the role of HOH in bringing kids into a home environment, grounding them in the Word and good values, so that they can eventually return as lights to their communities. Please pray for these young ladies as they are in a great time of transition after being at HOH for six years. We are now evaulating options for bringing in up to six additional children.

Thanks for your faithful prayers and support. I have enclosed a few other pics below.

Josephine Pabalate

Executive Director, HOH Orphanage