Dear Friends, the school year ended in March for our children. Two weeks ago, we were very blessed to see Donnalyn graduate from Grade 6. Now, like many of the older kids, she is able to move to high school and press on toward a brighter future. The same week, Nelvin graduated from Preschool and will be entering Grade I in June. Melody (Grade 6), Nemar (Grade 4) and Angeline (Grade 2), also will be in the same elementary school.Others also moved up a grade: Jhon Rey (2nd year HS), Honeylynn (2nd Year HS), Juney (2nd Year HS), Hasmin (2nd year HS), Edilina (2nd year HS), Arlene (3rd year HS), and Limson (3rd year HS). Tiraima has reached a milestone and will be moving on to college in June, attending the Southern Philippines Baptist Theological Seminary, studying education. She will join Aicel there and likely they will be roommates. Aicel is now in her second year of studies at SPBTS.Many of these children, some of whom are now young adults, have been at HOH since June of 2006. It is very rewarding to see them doing things that most of us consider as normal, like going onto to college, attending a school prom, (see picture of Tiraima {in red}, Limson, and a friend) or being involved in church activities. A visit to their villages brings a reminder of how God has blessed each one of them so much. They are able to think of what the future might hold for them, rather than focusing on a day-to-day existence.Even with all the blessings available, some choose to no longer be at HOH. Last month, Ivan, Kevin and Rufina left HOH and were not able to continue their studies. We don’t know what lies ahead for them and put them into God’s hands.

In their teenage years, most of the children have opted to participate in a program called True Love Waits. This is a personal commitment requiring the completion of a course on sexual purity before marriage, and a subsequent ceremony. We see this as a major step in their lives and again trust that God will continue to work on their hearts to complete this commitment.

We are prayerfully considering adding seven younger children to the family of HOH, probably girls ages 4 – 8. We have the capacity and the staffing to do so and can truly see how God has been at work in the hearts of the children who have been at HOH. A concern though is long-term finances.

Seldom do we talk about this, but it seems God is leading us to do so. Our finances are at an all time low. Our monthly intake of funds for the past year, has only been 2/3 of what is needed to operate the orphanage. We have been using our reserves to make up the difference. Our monthly need is about 2,400 USD. Reserves will be depleted in two months, unless adjustments are made. One of the adjustments would be not taking in more children until funds stabilize.

Fortunately, we do have scholarships available from a partner organization as the children enter college but it is designated just for that purpose, so Tiraima will still be able to go to college.

We ask you to join us in prayer about the future of HOH. We do not feel that the work is completed here in Digos and know that God has always been faithful in supplying our needs. He allowed us to build a reserve through the very careful management of funds. It is that step of stewardship that has allowed us to continue to operate in the past months.

Donations for HOH can be made through The Sowers International, on their website via Paypal, You can also send donations directly to them, at PO Box 2260, Orange, CA 92859. All checks need to be written to The Sowers International and designated for HOH Orphanage.

We greatly appreciate your partnership in prayer and in finances. Many of you regularly send items here as well and these blessings are greatly appreciated. We had some visitors here from Southern California recently, from Calvary Chapel Grace in Anaheim. It was encouraging to be able to host them for a short visit to HOH and to see other CRC Ministries.

God is good and we look forward to his direction for HOH.

Josephine Pabalate
Executive Director of HOH and Administrator of Brilliant Star Christian Preschool