October 2015

For those of you who follow our Facebook page, you have seen photos of a girl dressed in pink named Jaica. Jaica is ten years old and has been with us for two months. Her story is one that is worthy of your time.?


Jaica was born with club foot. She lived in a slum area of Davao with her grandmother and her father. Due to the lack of access to social services, her case went unattended for many years. She was carried around by her father and grandmother at times. In reality, she spent most of her time, sitting on a mat, alone during the day, while her father worked as a carpenter and her grandmother collected scrap metal for a few pesos.

Jaica never had the chance to go to school and lacked common social skills. Yet everyone around her said she was intelligent and remarked how she loved to sing. Perhaps, she was even take to the streets to earn money by singing, we are not really sure.

When the Tebow/Cure Hospital opened in 2014, Jaica was brought there for evaluation by Seeds of Dignity Ministries. She was determined to be a candidate for surgery and it appeared that she one day could walk, if her condition was corrected. However, Jaica lacked a birth record and several other papers. Her mother left the family when she was small. Her case was quite complicated as to paperwork. ?SOD Ministries intervened and was able to help them complete all the requirements. During the third week of June, she had surgery with the hope of giving her a better future.

Still, after the surgery, Jaica needed to learn to walk and needed daily exercise and therapy. House checks by SOD Ministries indicated little or no progress after the surgery, with her old pattern in place of being left alone with little care and food during the day.

SOD Ministries asked me to do a home visit with them to meet Jaica and to consider taking steps to bring her to HOH. ?This was in the hope that she could receive daily assistance in walking, to teach her to read and write, and to eventually get her stabilized and into school.

It was obvious that intervention was immediately needed. Over the next two weeks, we worked together and with the family’s permission and God’s help, we were able to move her to HOH in September.?

Since coming to HOH, we have seen a big change in her progress as well as how compassionate the other children have become in trying to help her. Jaica is very determined to walk and to join in the activities with the other children. Here is a video link of her taken three weeks ago. She has made much more progress since then.


We are filled with joy at the opportunity God has given to us to help Jaica and the other children at HOH. ?They are all special in His sight. ?Thanks for your prayers and financial support that allow us to provide a caring and nurturing home for these children.?

Josephine Pabalate
Executive Director
Haven of Hope Orphanage

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