Greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,

Recently, we had the kids work on their testimonies to help with their understanding of how God has worked in their lives. While the stories are difficult to tell, it is helpful for them to discuss and write out their histories. We think the testimonies are important for our prayer and financial supporters to read as it shows you the importance of the work with the HOH kids and the need for a children’s home, like HOH. We have taken the kids names out of the stories and some of the more personal details. We also are not posting pictures from them to go along with the stories to protect their privacy. I think you will agree that God has been at work in their lives as you read these testimonies. Below is a picture taken from one of the villages of children who are receiving food through the CRC at a recent activity.

Over the next week, I will be sending four testimonies for you to read. Here is the first one.

Testimony Number 1

My name is ____________. I am twelve years old and in grade 5. I once lived in one of the villages near Digos. My father died when I was six years old. My mother remarried soon after and we were abandoned by the “new” family, as is common in this village.

My oldest sister, took care of me and my four siblings. She was only 13 and not able to go to school because of this. My sister fed us by gathering shells at the local beach and selling them to our neighbors. She also hauled water for our neighbors for a few cents per container. She shred and dried surplus bananas from the neighboring banana plantation and sold them to merchants as animal feed. She bought rice and some other food with the money.

If I were asked, “what experience in the past is hard for me to forget?”, I would say the pangs of hunger. Even when my father was alive, but sick, my mother could not afford to feed us three times a day, as her work was only as a laundry woman. I went to sleep most days with an empty stomach.

Finally, the Lord brought me and my siblings to the HOH orphanage, through the help of the CRC staff that was working in our village. Our lives have changed dramatically since coming to HOH. From the time of arrival, we have been provided nutritious and regular meals, enough clothes, and a safe and clean place to live. We also receive medical and dental care and are able to go to school. My older sister has been able to now go to school for the first time in her life and has received much needed medical attention for a serious eye problem.

Above all, I thank the Lord that at the orphanage, I was given the chance to know and meet Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. What a joy it has been to experience God’s kindness, goodness and faithfulness. I thank the Lord for the people who care for us in the orphanage, and for the many people that support the work here so that we may be given hope for a better future.


(Name Omitted)


Please continue to pray for our kids. There are a lot of issues in their past that need healing that can only come from our Father.

In Christ,

Jo Pabalate, Executive Director HOH