Josephine Pabalate

Josephine Pabalate – Executive Director

Heads the orphanage and connects it to partner individuals and organizations

Juniel Castillo

Juniel Castillo – HOH All-Around Staff

Serves as driver, utility and maintenance

Fely Densing

Fely Densing – Finance Officer

Handles the financial aspects of the orphanage

Arlene Getalla

Arlene Getalla – Social Worker

In-charge of reports and the implementation of the social welfare and development laws and regulations

Leah Niere

Leah Niere – TH House Parent

Serves as the Mom of the TH young ladies

Paniora Pelayo

Paniora Pelayo – HOH House Parent

Serves as the Mom of the children and oversees their day-to-day activities in the home

Al Rose Telan

Al Rose Telan – HOH Cook

Markets and prepares food for the children

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