July 2015

Things have been very busy with the beginning of the school year. We have several new children that have come in recently. God is opening many doors for us to enlarge our family. (In photo #1 shown from left to right are Jenerose, Rosette, and Ruth, all new arrivals. (Mary Jean is on the right). Many of the other kids are shown in the other photos.

We are excited to list all the children and young ladies under our care so that you can pray for them by name. Here is the list from youngest to oldest and their grade level:

At the HOH Original Site
Rosette (F) 4 not yet in school
Mary Jean (F) 4 Kindergarten
James (M) 5 Kindergarten
Ruth (F) 5 Kindergarten
Jenerose (F) 7 Kindergarten
Nelvin (M) 8 Grade Three
Daisy Mae (F) 9 Grade Four
Jerame (F) 11 Grade Three
Christine Mae (F) 11 Grade Five
Nemar (M) 12 Grade Six
Nicole (F) 12 Grade Six
Girlie (F) 12 Grade Seven
Angeline (F) 12 Grade Four
Tessa Mae (F) 13 Grade Four
Leah (F) 14 Grade Eight
Juney (M) 19 Grade Ten

At the Transition House
Donnalyn (F) 15 Grade Nine
Honeylyn (F) 15 Grade Ten
Melody (F) 16 Grade Eight
Edilina (F) 17 Grade Ten
Arlene (F) 19 2nd Yr. College
Tiraima (F) 22 3rd Yr. College

In addition three other young ladies from the villages are living at the Transition House – Christine (First Year College), Rhea (Second Year College) and Kimberly (Second Year College). So, in total, that makes twenty-five!

There are many other pictures posted on our FB pages.

HOH Facebook Site Link

Transition House Facebook Site Link

We are very grateful for your prayers and financial support.

Josephine Pabalate, Executive Director
Haven of Hope Orphanage

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