Haven of Hope Orphanage (HOH) is a faith-based, non-profit, non-governmental, organization dedicated to changing the lives of the orphaned, neglected and abandoned children in impoverished Muslim and tribal villages in Southern Philippines. HOH does this by providing children with a stable home and safe environment where they can grow and mature in their faith and become useful and productive citizens of our society.

HOH is registered with, and licensed by the Office of the Department of Social Welfare and Development in Region XI, with license #: DSWD-FO XI RL-00015-2014. We are not licensed at this time for international adoptions.

Our facility now has 23 children ages 4-22, many of whom are trying hard to catch up on their education. It is located in Digos, a small city, 54 KM from Davao City on the island of Mindanao.



Brief History of Haven of Hope Orphanage Philippines, Inc.

Sowers International-Philippines (SIP)/Community Resource Center (CRC) has been ministering among the indigenous Muslim and tribal people groups in Southern Philippines since 1997. The love of God is shared to these people groups through holistic community development programs.

The greatest struggle these village people are facing is poverty. Furthermore, vices, violence, prostitution and ongoing conflict in surrounding areas cause early deaths in the villages. Of those deaths, no one suffer more than the orphans who are left behind. Normally, when this happens, small children who cannot fend for themselves are divided among relatives, who themselves have children to feed and are struggling daily to survive.

These orphans are deprived of their rights and privileges. They grow up without proper education and they become adult illiterates. Being illiterates, they have no edge over their well-educated counterparts and end up jobless. Being jobless and destitute, they come full circle and complete the cycle of poverty.

Working among these oppressed people groups, SIP/CRC desires to break the cycle of poverty in the villages by giving these orphans a chance to live happy, normal and productive lives that they may grow up to become God-fearing and useful citizens of our society.

In December 2004, Engr. & Mrs. Rodulfo Niere visited their relatives in Digos City to see the ongoing community development work of CRC/SI. (Engr. Rodulfo Niere had been the Chairman of the Board of Sowers International for several years). As orphans themselves who experienced the love and care of the Lord while in an orphanage in Ilo-ilo, they have long desired to establish an orphanage for orphans like them as a token of their deep gratitude to the Lord.

Two important factors converged in December 2004: the desire of the Nieres to establish an orphanage and the burden of Mrs. Josephine L. Pabalate to give orphans and abandoned children in depressed villages a brighter future. Engr. & Mrs. Rodulfo Niere expressed their intent to allow CRC to use their lot for the orphanage and finance the construction of the orphanage building out of Mrs. Violeta Niere’s retirement benefits. (Mrs. Violeta Niere was a retired nurse in the States).

Mrs. Jo Pabalate was tasked to write a project proposal for the orphanage for Sower International’s approval and to secure a license and registration for the orphanage from the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Construction of the orphanage building was started on January 2006 under the supervision of Engr. Philip N. Pabalate. The building was inaugurated and dedicated to the Lord on June 24, 2006. The first batch of 10 children was admitted to the orphanage the following day.  Three more children from the Muslim village were admitted to HOH on September 2006.  Since then, HOH has continued to minister to the children that have been placed under its care from the different villages in Southern Mindanao.


We envision to break the cycle of poverty among orphans in Southern Mindanao.


We are a loving, Christian home in Southern Mindanao that nurtures orphaned, abandoned and neglected children to become God-fearing, productive and transformational citizens of our society.


To provide orphans ages 4-15 with a home that they can call their own, in a healthy, loving, peaceful and secure environment where they can grow and develop as normally as possible.

To feed and clothe the orphans and provide them with medical care and attention.

To provide education to the orphans and prepare them for a better and brighter future.

To raise awareness of the plight of the orphans and give the community and the world an opportunity to get involved.

HOH lives by the following Core Values:

Cleanliness and Beauty – “There’s beauty in cleanliness of self and surroundings and cleanliness begets beauty”

Orderliness and Peace – “To achieve peace, order should be maintained in the home”

Loving But Firm – “Always aim for a sweet balance between love and discipline”

Frugality, Resourcefulness, and Ingenuity – “Stewardship and creativity is encouraged; wasting limited resources is not tolerated.”

Open Communication – “Open communication is the oil for smooth relationships in the home”

Strive for Excellence – “Never settle for mediocrity; God expects one’s best”

Trust in the Lord – “Deeply grateful to the benefactors, but FULL TRUST IS IN THE LORD ALONE

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