Dear Friends, we are so encouraged and amazed how God is using people in many different places around the world to meet the needs of the HOH kids and many other impoverished children in the Digos City area. Even in times of economic challenges around the world, He shows his faithfulness. We use a lot of rice here at HOH and in the villages, about 120 – 50kg sacks a year! This is the largest part of our food budget. Many of you have been helping with the daily needs of HOH and we greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support. We have been praying for provision and God has abundantly provided rice and other food for us. With rice and other items being donated, we can use general donations for the education of the children, can eventually add more kids to the HOH family, and provide better overall care for the children.

Let me share some stories with you. God is so creative. In May, the Middle School students at the International Community School in Singapore heard stories about the HOH kids in a chapel service. Afterwards, they conducted a coin war. The idea of a coin war is to have jars for each class and see which class can have the lowest amount in value in their own jar at the end of the “war”. So the other classes put higher value coins in the jars of the other classes to try to make the other jars have a higher value. In a week, they raised enough money to provide rice for the orphanage for several months. Last week, we purchased the first bags of rice.

A businessman in Davao City has been donating four sacks of rice each month since March. Other donors in the Davao area are also now donating several sacks of rice each year. This is allowing us to continue feeding programs in the villages, have activities where food is provided and also gives us a stable source of rice for HOH. Two other businessmen are giving bananas on a regular basis and another is giving powdered milk. One businessman gave us chickens for our poultry raising project at HOH.

A US realtor has committed to giving a percentage of all sales commissions to HOH over the next ten years! We received our blessing check this month! Alliance Bank in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, did a fundraiser last week for HOH. They raised $250+ in a pay to dress down day at the bank. Another donor did a pledge run to benefit HOH. These funds are targeted for educational scholarships (we don’t have a budget item for this)

Many boxes of clothes, shoes, books, vitamins and other items have been shipped to HOH from the US and Singapore this year. We are really blessed to have clothes and shoes for the kids and staff at HOH. Another donor has paid for dental services again for the children.

And the really big news!!!!!!!!!!!! We are on track to get a new van through the efforts of several Rotary Clubs (Pag-Asa, Gustine, Modesto Sunrise) and the Rotary International. The van has a cost of about $23,000 USD, nearly the cost of our total annual operating budget. We have been praying for a new van for many years. God is answering these prayers. Naturally, we are very excited about getting a new van, as the old one cannot be driven out of town anymore as it is not reliable and is over 20 years old now. Buying even a used van is out of our reach, but God is providing a new one!

Thank you so much for praying for HOH. God is touching people around the world to meet our needs. Sometimes we feel isolated but he is connecting us to many people in His kingdom. The timing is really perfect on these donations as two of our kids will be going to college next year and more coming along. Tiraima will be entering college in June and Rufina will be attending a trade school. We commited to the kids 7+ years ago when they came to HOH that we would try to put them through college, if they worked hard and could qualify. We didn’t know where the money would come from, but God did. We are blessed.