digos_003_0Sowers International-Philippines has been ministering among the indigenous Muslim and tribal people groups in Southern Philippines for over twelve years. We share the love of God to these people groups through holistic community development programs. We offer preschool education with supplemental feeding, livelihood training programs and projects, scholarships for deserving high school and college young people, adult literacy programs, free medical clinics, and values education classes based on the Word of God.

The greatest struggle these village people are facing is poverty. Illiteracy, unemployment, overpopulation, poor health and sanitation are huge issues. Furthermore, vices, violence, prostitution and ongoing conflict in surrounding areas cause early deaths in the villages. Of those deaths, no one suffers more than the orphans who are left behind. Normally, when this happens, small children who cannot fend for themselves are divided among relatives who themselves have children to feed and are struggling daily to survive.

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These orphans are deprived of their rights and privileges. They are often physically and verbally abused by their relatives who were forced to take them under their care out of social pressure. They are hungry, scantily dressed and they struggle daily for their basic needs. They grow up without proper education and they become adult illiteratesĀ  andĀ  end up jobless. Being jobless and destitute, they complete the full cycle of poverty.

Working among these oppressed people groups, Sowers International-Philippines desires to break the cycle of poverty in the villages by giving these orphans a chance to live happy, normal lives and to grow up to become God-loving and useful citizens of our society.

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