Opened in June of 2014, the Transition House (TH) is home to eight girls, the majority of which graduated from HOH. These girls are a part of a scholarship program to place them through either high school or college. As a partner of this program, the girls have the opportunity to gain a matching donation from sponsors towards their education funds by earning money through livelihood projects. These projects range from beadwork to sewing to food and are then sold for a profit. Whatever funds they gain each month are then matched through partners of Seeds of Dignity Ministries. This facility is designed to move them from a structured environment at HOH to independent living at TH, after which they are sent out with the skills and degrees to flourish in the world.? While TH employs a full-time house parent, the girls are in charge of planning their own menus and purchasing the food for said menus. During their stay at the Transition House, the girls are taught conflict resolution skills and other survival skills needed for life beyond TH.TH

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