December 2012 – Year End Report of God’s Faithfulness

Dear Friends, as we reflect on what God has done through his people this year, we are truly amazed. We first are thankful for the many supporters in the US, Singapore and the Philippines who have provided the finances to allow us to minister to our children for another year.

We also have been blessed by the donations of vegetables, milk, rice, meat, bread and other foodstuffs in the Philippines. This year, we have had almost all of our rice needs provided from outside of our regular budget, at a time when finances are quite tight for us. God is so good in taking care of his children. We want to especially mention ICS in Singapore for raising funds for 1/4th of our rice needs for the year, for Mr. Tan in Davao City, who has been giving faithfully four sacks of rice each month, and for Seeds of Dignity Ministries which is providing the balance of our rice needs through supporters here in the Philippines.

We also are so thankful for new supporters in the US, David and Susan Childress, who are giving tithes from real estate commissions. It has been a blessing to watch the children pray for sales of properties and then having the commission funds come in as a result of their prayers. At the beginning of the year, we did not know how God would make up some of our funding gaps, but he had a plan. Amen! Never have we gone lacking for something to eat.

We have been blessed by the spiritual growth of the HOH kids. Four more were baptized in September – Limson, Juney, Donnalyn and Hasmin. Juney has been a blessing to have at HOH, arriving in March. In November, after the death of her mother, (also the mother of Rufina, Arlene and Donnalyn), Angeline was temporarily brought to HOH and is still with us. While Aicel and Jessa were taken out of HOH by relatives in March, we rejoice that Aicel is now back in college in Davao, studying to be a teacher. She will turn 21 in January and becomes the first from HOH to leave and go on to college, even though by a path we did not anticipate.

Probably our biggest blessing for the year was on December 8th, when we took possession of the new FOTON van provided by many Rotary partners in the US and the Philippines. We were so happy to take the van to Davao for our annual Christmas excursion, all 27 of us! We were thankful also for those who donated Christmas shopping funds for the kids and for the meals that were sponsored by donors from California.

We also now have chickens and are the hens are now laying eggs. This has been a good project for the children to teach them responsibility for feeding and caring for something other than themselves and also getting a daily reward of eggs as an added benefit.

We are also looking forward to the end of the school year in March, as it will then be time for Tiraima and Rufina to transition to their college studies. Through the sale of livelihood products by our ministry partners, we have been setting aside funds for college for them and area blessed to now have enough for their first year of studies. Another transition occurred this year when Jivson, are all around maintenance man, began his engineering courses at the University of the Southern Philippines in Davao. He has been replaced by Joshua. We often see Jivson and are proud of him for taking the steps, through a sponsor, to pursue his studies.

It always is good to go a year here without dengue fever and other illnesses. We praise God that this has been a year of excellent health for the kids and staff. We also were so blessed to have dental checkups available for our children and staff due to the generosity of donors from California, who have visited HOH in the past. We also have been continually blessed by the clothing, shoes and vitamins that are sent here from the US and Singapore for the kids and staff. Never have we gone lacking for something to wear. We are very, very grateful for those who work so hard to save, pack and send all the nice things to us.

We do enjoy having visitors and were blessed by teams from BSOP and BTC from Cebu City as well as a team from the US lead by Tim and Kathy Atchley. We also appreciate the teams from Operation Blessing and Care Channels who have ministered to the kids at HOH and to the people in the villages. Many activities and outreaches occured with these ministry partners and our staff.

So we have a lot of things to be thankful for, no? The answer to that is “yes”, God is so good to us. We appreciate the many people he has called to be partners in the lives of the children and staff at HOH. God is using you in so many ways and we are touched daily by your prayers and many other ways of support. If you have time, please check out more photos and photos on our Facebook page – Haven of Hope Orphanage Philippines.

May God richly bless you in the coming year,

Josephine Pabalate, Executive Director HOH/Administrator BSCP