HOH and CRC ministries do not generate any revenue. We are entirely dependant on donations for our day to day needs. Donations can be sent in the US to the Sowers International office in Orange, California. These donations are eligible for a tax deduction for US filers. You can access the Sowers Website at www.sower.org and make a PayPal donation to Haven of Hope or to the Community Resource Center. You may also send a donation directly to Sowers to avoid the deduction that Paypal takes for their services.

The address of Sowers is:

The Sowers International
P.O. Box 2260
Orange, CA 92859

Please mark your donation for “HOH – Philippines” or “CRC – Philippines” to allow for the funds to reach us quickly.

We also have specific needs for our facility and programs. You can also donate specifically for these items in the same manner.

As the Lord touches your heart, you may choose to give one or two of the following items to meet our current needs at HOH. The smallest gift will be deeply appreciated and will be eternally rewarded!

. Computers (1 for HOH children and 1 for TH young ladies)

. Replacement of window screens (9 window screens at $150.00 each)

. Food Items: milk, fruits, vegetables, root crops, meat, eggs, poultry, dried and fresh fish, canned goods, sugar, salt, vinegar and rice

. Meds and vitamins: medicines for common coughs, cold, fever, skin rashes, cuts, burns and insect bites. Vitamins for children preferably Vitamin C and multi-vitamins

. Summer clothes for boys and girls ages 4-18

. Underwear for boys and girls ages 4-18

. Shoes and socks for boys and girls

. Common toiletries: toothbrush, comb, bath soap, toothpaste

. Toys

. Books for children, young teens and young people

. Bags and school supplies

. Childrens CDs preferably Walt Disney movies, Bible stories and movies teaching good values

. More sponsors for the children

. Scholarships for the children

For local supporters, you may give cash or in-kind gifts from your vegetable gardens and farms: rice, root crops (sweet potato, cassava, etc.), fruits (banana, papaya, mangoes, etc), vegetables (beans, eggplant, okra, etc).

Thank you very much!

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